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February 5, 2020
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February 5, 2020
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24K Gold Whitening Cream BY koelcia

৳ 860.00 ৳ 740.00

  • Gold has antioxidant capabilities with the ability to fight free radicals
  • To help increase skin cell life to help slow down collagen and elastin depletion
  • Proliferation of new cells, increased skin elasticity, Helps skin smooth and youthful skin, minimize wrinkles
  • The skin maintain moisture, retain smoothness and radiance
  • Especially reducing pigmentation, skin lightening
  • The cause of the skin pigmentation, freckles, help the skin brighter
  • Skin whitening serum helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation
  • Helps to revitalize skin, helps skin moisturize and firm
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Koelcia 24K Gold Whitening Cream 20ml online in Bangladesh from This helps to reduce pigment spots. Promotes skin renewal by moisturizing and firming. 24K infused whitening cream drastically shows results after several usage.

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